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Poppers Radikal Rush 24 ml


The new Radikal Rush poppers at home in 48 hours. A poppers straight out of the PWD factories, already manufacturer of the Rush poppers that are no longer presented.

An elaboration based on the best pentyl nitrites to guarantee you a powerful poppers and supercharged effects. The Radikal Rush poppers is a small magic nugget that will suit all those who love strong products.

An aphrodisiac who keeps all his promises. The nights will be hot....

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Radikal Rush Poppers 24 ml

The Radikal Rush poppers is finally available on the best popper selling site in Europe. And this time, the PWD laboratories have seen the big picture to offer you one of the strongest poppers on the market. Even more concentrated than usual, the pentyl nitrite refined several times is bottled for a capacity of 24 ml. And now, poppers are taking us to new heights in the search for festive and sexual pleasures.

The Radikal Rush poppers are designed for all types of consumers. Beginners will find an exceptional popper that will satisfy all their desires in this field, and experienced amateurs will see a radical popper that will bring renewal in sexual relations that come out of everyday life. And clubbers and other partygoers will necessarily be thrilled.

The Radikal Rush poppers are offered at the best price by Poppers Aroma, the leading poppers distribution site in France and Europe. The incredible power of this poppers is equivalent to the Jungle Juice Gold Label poppers, while using a different nitrite. The professional poppers retailers are already giving it an excellent welcome, making the Radikal Rush poppers a reference product that will soon be found in all the good European libertine evenings. Be the first to discover the Radikal Rush effects.


Radikal Rush, a violent popper

Keep your Radikal Rush poppers in a cool, dry place and store them out of reach of children. Do not swallow the poppers. Avoid any contact with the skin. Poppers are a flammable product, keep them away from any source of heat. In case of ingestion, contact the poison control centre immediately. The sale prohibited to minors. Do not use the poppers if you have consumed an aphrodisiac food supplement. The sale of poppers is authorized in France. The best popper shop is undoubtedly poppers Aroma.

Data sheet

Capacity :
24 ml
Weight :
80 g
Nitrilte :
Strength :
Origin :
Box of
18 Poppers

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