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Poppers Solide Nirvana

solid nirvana

Nirvana Solid Poppers. It is time for all popper lovers to discover the poppers in their solid form. Easy to carry, always on hand, the solid Nirvana poppers is a new way to indulge in the pleasures of poppers without the usual constraints. A solid popper available at the best prices on your site to buy cheap poppers.

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Nirvana Solid Poppers

Poppers Solid Nirvana is an innovative fortifier that we propose to discover. Made in Europe, its original little box does not go unnoticed. It is decorated with a floral design and a butterfly that gathers. Like this powerful aphrodisiac, it symbolizes freedom and flight to the top of sensations. The precious content is a powerful aphrodisiac. Its super intense aroma bewitches your senses to permeate your body from head to toe.

Poppers Solide Nirvana is distinguished by its new presentation. It is sold in solid form. It is the result of years of research. This fortifying product is especially dedicated to those who are looking for a new world of pleasure. How to use it? Rub the paraffin in a circular motion between your fingers. Wait about ten seconds to activate the components. Enjoy the euphoric feeling by inhaling deeply!

Choosing Nirvana Solid Poppers has advantages. The product does not flow like a liquid. This form minimizes consumption losses. Its packaging in an aluminium container carefully preserves its active ingredients. This guarantees its effectiveness with each use. The box being of small size, it can accompany you everywhere in all discretion. Just slip it into your pocket.

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Nirvana Solid Poppers, warning

Keep your Nirvana solid poppers in a cool, dry place and store them out of reach of children. Do not swallow the poppers. Avoid any contact with the skin. Poppers are a flammable product, keep them away from any source of heat. In case of ingestion, contact the poison control centre immediately. The sale prohibited to minors. Do not use the solid poppers if you have consumed an aphrodisiac food supplement. The sale of poppers is authorized in France. Please check that the poppers comply with the legislation in force in your country.


Use of Nirvana Solid Poppers

For correct use of the Nirvana solid poppers, comply with the recommendations for use, or consult the tutorial on the Cheap Poppers website available by following this link:

Data sheet

Capacity :
10 ml
Weight :
40 g
Nitrilte :
Strength :
Origin :

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